About AB World

AB World Mart, it's a certified B2B and B2C  online marketplace  which  for the past years, have been doing global trade with millions of verified suppliers and authentic buyers around the world. Ab World Mart connects suppliers and buyers with tailored solutions and trusted market intelligence through trade shows and digital platforms.

Being the leading B2B and B2C  online marketplace for global trade, the company is bent to dish out business opportunities for trusted suppliers and authentic buyers worldwide and also to provide a well trusted platform for one-stop services by encouraging and promoting international trade between two parties.

Abworldmart.com, pave the way for millions of sellers and buyers around the world to connect and do business in more than 200 markets worldwide in a secured manner, we also strive to connect and build communities that will create economic opportunities for all. Our platform empowers everyone the opportunities to grow their businesses and to discover new technology no matter their locations in the world and who they are. Our marvelous works, has created a change for our suppliers, buyers, in the company and the world at large. Thanks to AB World Mart that has discovered new technology for buyers and sellers to meet through trade shows to embrace new ideas and discover new products. AB World Mart is a well and secured e-commerce platform for business transactions to take place. We bring to you millions of products in over 50 major different categories including, Consumer electronics, Fashion apparel & Fabrics etc. The buyers for these millions of products are located in over 200 countries and Regions.


  • A secured and most trusted multi-channel B2B platform
  • To be the most leading B2B trade platform with over 2billion products
  • A one-stop sourcing platform
  • To enhance quality of life and mutual understanding across borders by promoting authentic global trade
  • To discover new technology that will creates new economic opportunities for our community


  • Connecting verified vendors and real buyers for global trade
  • Helping companies/suppliers achieving their business goals
  • Helping customers to reach out to new and Varieties of products easily around the world
  • Making international trade easier for sellers and buyers
  • Do business anywhere and anytime
  • To redeem time and business efficiency


Reach new customers & grow unique selection

We offer all our sellers the opportunity to expand and grow their businesses anywhere on earth no matter the location


Explore vast products

All our buyers who shop on abworldmart.com enjoy numerous products with high quality at  low prices