Buyer Protection

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Our buyer protection start from PRODUCTS QUALITY AND SHIPPING DATE:

According to our statistics and experienced , we have noticed that, some buyers will placed their orders  and when the goods reaches them, the quality is not what the seller described to them on the platform. We have also noticed that, so many businesses needs fast shipping after placing  their orders to make quick turnover and buy more. So, in the event when the product quality and shipping date varies from what the seller and the buyer had agreed on, then we will do all maximum best to give out a satisfactory outcome ,in providing a refund 100%.

According to the business world, when communication is  reliable, it becomes the best tool that will drive more sales, quick turnover and  make business flows. So Buyers and Sellers should make sure that, they should reach a very good agreement on these 2 points.


If the product quality upon it's arrival , is not what the seller defined or described to the buyer, then the seller will need to seek for a refund accordingly. The buyer should also make sure that, they know what they are ordering .Buyer will be the one to pay for the return of goods 

The delivery time also depends between the buyer and seller. The buyer can still seek for  a refund if the delivery date is not maintain.

However, your online orders and communication records are the basis of refund resolution.


Many Payment Options

We have multiple payment options including, PayPal, Credit/Debit card bank transfer etc to facilitate fast transaction. We will do all our best to add as many as we can so that it will ease all customers for payment for their goods.

Payment Security

We develop new technology so that when payment is made on the platform we make sure that, it gets in to the supplier's account safely. Our financial department is there 24/7 to ensure that, there is transaction flow through out on the platform.

24/7 Support Team

Our support team is there to make sure that there is a smooth flow of business transaction on the platform. And there should be 100% satisfaction between the seller and the buyer. After a buyer have received the goods bought on our platform and is not of good quality as described by the seller, you can ask for a refund. We will investigate it immediately mediate and resolve your claims to refund you back.